NET Radio Trailblazer

On-air pledge drives are the single most effective means of adding members to NET's membership rolls. Other public radio stations have had great success with so called “Power Hours,” and it’s time to do that here. An essential component of a “Power Hour” is matching money pooled from a group of NET Radio Trailblazers.

Trailblazer gifts are combined to create big “Power Hours." When you make a pledge become an NET Radio Trailblazer for a minimum of $500, you will inspire listeners to call in and become new or renewing members.

If you fill out the short Trailblazer form we will welcome you as a partner in building greater support for NET.


If you have any questions about the NET Radio Trailblazer program please call Ian Vosburg at (402) 470-6378 or email him at Thank you for your continued support of NET Radio!