A Nebraska Couple Makes Culture Their Cause

“We are stay-at-home people,” explained Les Domina during a phone conversation with his wife Karen on the line in Fremont. “We’re not ashamed to say that we watch a lot of television, especially during the winter months.”

Aside from tuning in to the 5:30 and 10 p.m. local news, their dial at home is most often set to NET Television.

“NET never disappoints,” said Les.

The Dominas have watched NET Television for so long they don’t even remember when they first started. They do count Fawlty Towers – a BBC series starring John Cleese, broadcast on NET in the 1980s – among their all-time favorites. Nor do they remember the year they first became NET members, although they’d guess it was between 30 and 40 years ago.

But they do remember all of their current favorite programs, which include the popular series American Experience, Frontline, Sherlock, NOVA and Nature. Other never-miss shows include Lawrence Welk, Great Romances, Guy Lombardo and This Old House. “I’ve built a lot of houses with those guys,” quipped Les, who is retired from Western Electric.

Their appreciation for educational programming that examines history, nature and culture convinced the Dominas to set up a bequest to NET that will benefit generations of Nebraskans to come, including their two grandchildren, Sarah and Hunter DeBoer, who live in Firth.

“We both feel very deeply that we want to try to instill in Sarah and Hunter as much knowledge about the world around us as we can,” Karen explained. “I call our daughter Carol often to let her know about programs on NET.”

When they are not attending their grandkids’ swim meets, soccer games, piano concerts and dance recitals, it’s safe to say the Dominas are at home watching NET Television, with their highlighted copy of NET Now on the end table next to the remote control.

“We’re happy to have the magazine back,” Karen said. “We like the program descriptions, and we use the magazine as a program guide. We really missed it; it’s very handy.”