Humble Lives Make for a Rich Life

Generous to the end, Don and Marjorie Wilson included NET in their final trust instructions. 

In his role as the family trustee, Mark Wilson recently delivered a number of sizeable checks to various Nebraska organizations that had made an enormous impact on his parents’ lives. 

NET Television & Radio was one of those fortunate institutions to receive a generous gift from the Don and Marjorie Wilson Trust, along with Bellevue’s Fontenelle Forest, Omaha’s Durham Museum and the First Christian Church Foundation.

“My parent’s loved and valued education,” explained Wilson, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital in Omaha, who specializes in pulmonary, allergy and sleep medicine. Mark, the middle son of three boys, explained that his father spent his career as an electrical engineer with Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) and his self-educated mother dedicated herself to her family, her church and her community.

Mark recalled that he and older brother Scott, an IT technician in New Jersey, and younger brother Brian, an ear, nose and throat doctor in South Carolina, grew up in a middle-class family that stressed reading, experiencing the outdoors, traveling the byways of Nebraska and living quietly within one’s means while always tithing. 

“Our parents were adults of that great post-war generation,” he wrote in a letter in his capacity as Trustee. “They were scout leaders, PTA presidents and church pillars. Products of pioneer ranchers and farmers, they were great self-educators and valued the programming at NET. Their example is a daily blessing.”

In his letter to NET, Mark closed with the following request: “We ask that you use this resource in the spirit of our parents: thoughtfully doing the most good with the least waste; hopefully something that will benefit others for years to come.”