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NET Radio's StoryCorps is a special series featuring stories of Nebraska veterans, service members, and their families. NET Radio's StoryCorps was produced by Jackie Sojico. Interviews were recorded at NET as part of the Military Voices Initiative with StoryCorps, a national nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.


"I never think about those holidays the same way. "

Father Brian Kane talks about how he's been changed by serving as a military chaplain with the Nebraska Army National Guard.



"He deployed for Iraq less than a month after we got married. What did that feel like as a kid?"

Shannon Lassek asks her son Addison Presnell what it was like for him not only to have a new dad, but also a military dad.



"You know, I hold you as a great mentor in my military career."

Sgt. Amy Jacobson tells her friend Sgt. Heidi McClintock about how their friendship has shaped her military career.


"Can you tell me about when you were most afraid?"

Sgt. Heather Wunderlich tells her former platoon leader about the day in Iraq she earned the Bronze Star for Valor with the Nebraska Army National Guard.


"I really didn't know what a Marine was."

Staff Sgt. Matthew Branch tells his wife Bobbi what he's learned while serving in the Marine Corps Reserve.


"I prepared myself mentally since probably last year."

Amanda Brisbois recently found out that her husband Staff Sgt. Devin Brisbois will be deploying with the US Army Reserve for a third time this year.

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