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Who doesn't love old movie theaters?

"Keeping The Grand....Grand"


More on Nebraska theaters and performers!

Of the 5 film nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2014 Academy Awards, an Omaha native lent her voice to three of them. Eva Bella shares with us her journey from aspiring actress to star of one of the biggest animated... more››
Rachel Jacobson started Film Streams to promote independent films. She is also helping local movie makers get their movies on the big screen. She has created the Local Film Makers Showcase a showing of works by Nebraska film... more››
After 27 years, Omaha's non-profit Blue Barn Theatre finally has a stage all its own to produce the best in boundary-breaking plays and other works that provoke thought and change. We get a tour of the new space (just south of... more››
We follow Wausa High School as they prepare and compete in the annual State One-Act Play Championships.
Go behind the scenes as Omaha artist Jun Kaneko proposes startling costumes and groundbreaking animation for the premiere of The Magic Flute by the San Francisco Opera. Will it work? Next stop, Omaha!

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