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On the January 13th program at 9:05 a.m. Central, host Genevieve Randall and guests have lively conversations about:

On the December 23rd program, host Genevieve Randall and guests had lively conversations about:

Also, live klezmer and Hannukah music from Star City Kochavim, fun holiday folk music by 2/3s of The String Beans, and holiday brass music by The Plymouth Brass.

If you missed this program, you may listen to it here.

Friday LIVE Extra

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This week, Genevieve Randall speaks with organist Christopher Marks about his recital at UNL.  Click here to listen.

Last week, Kwakiutl Dreher reflected on death and ceremony in her review of Pablo Larrain's "Jackie," a film starring Natalie Portman and Peter Sarsgaard, now showing at the Ross Media Arts Center in Lincoln.  Click here to listen.

Two weeks ago, Genevieve Randall talked with organist Dick Morris about the January 6th performance at St. Paul in Lincoln with fellow organists Christopher Marks and Tom Trenney (pictured at right with Morris).  Click here to listen to it.

Three weeks ago, Genevieve Randall spoke with Lynn Mellick, Event Coordinator at Ponca State Park about their "Winterfest" event and more. Click here to listen.

And, four weeks ago, Genevieve Randall spoke with artist Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez about her exhibit at Darger HQ Gallery in Omaha.  Click here to listen.

Look here in our archives for past Extras that you may have missed.








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