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Your NET representative will work with your goals and budget to customize an effective campaign.

Underwriting on NET delivers dual marketing benefits to your organization: Your message reaches an exceptionally devoted audience that is hard to capture through traditional media.  Your support of a respected, non-profit public service generates goodwill.

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NET has a unique opportunity to collaborate with us called NET Connects.  NET Connects is a partnership between NET and non-profit, educational, governmental and community service groups. Programming will reach viewers on NET 2 and is also available on demand on this site.

Like NET, these partner organizations are driven by educational and altruistic motives. Community groups invest significant resources on speakers and other presentations each year. The reach of these programs is limited to the immediate communities they serve or to limited audiences in professional or affinity groups.

If you are looking for employment opportunities with NET, please visit our Careers page.

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of services to meet all of your needs 

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Our production facilities utilize the highest industry standard technologies. We are fully HD digital in our production environment, which includes studio, remote and electronic field production and content editing as well as video and audio finishing.


There's no better place to connect than in our state-of-the-art conference rooms, board room and event space. Nebraska businesses and organizations are encouraged to utilize these top-notch meeting spaces, which are equipped with videoconferencing capabilities and high-speed Internet access.


Our transmission capabilities make possible a full range of continuing educational services for citizens. These services include satellite uplink and downlink, videoconferencing, digital asset management, government services, and a wide variety of other distribution services.


Our educational services are an important extension of NET's mission and reach traditional and non-traditional students not only across Nebraska, but also across the nation. Important components of these services include interactive educational media production, provision of digital learning objects via the NET Virtual Learning Library, and Community Engagement and Outreach activities.

Featured Projects

Geothermal energy is gaining the attention of many people across the U.S. as a way to solve the energy crisis facing our country.  Geothermal: Energy from the Ground Up explains how the technology works and gives homeowners a... more››
Now What?
Now What? Many families facing memory issues ask themselves this daily. Not knowing where to go or what to do can be challenging for caregivers. The NET Television series Now What?, co-produced with the Consortium of Dementia... more››
Pathways to Recovery
Being diagnosed with a mental illness is not a death sentence.  In fact it can be just the opposite.  It can be the first step in what someone needs to live a better, more complete life.On Pathways to Recovery, local experts and... more››

Recent Projects

Dr. Ravitch, a leading public education advocate, chimes in on many educational issues.
Professional Development
This NE Depts. of Labor & Education course examines teaching/training skills for both classroom & workplace.
Career Readiness
This NE Depts. of Labor and Education course is for NE high school students or anyone entering the work force.