Career Information

NET offers a full spectrum of communications services to the citizens of Nebraska, the nation and the world. Some of these services include:

  • A nine-station, statewide noncommercial public television network affiliated with PBS.
  • A nine-station, statewide noncommercial public radio network affiliated with NPR.
  • NET Labs – a cutting edge center for experimentation in emerging media.
  • State-of-the-art audio, video and multimedia production capability delivered via broadcast, satellite, cable, Internet and broadband delivery channels.

NET is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and offers competitive salary and benefit packages. Most of our employment opportunities are located in Lincoln, Nebraska, population approximately 250,000.  Lincoln is the state capitol, and is also the home of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln -- part of the Big Ten Conference and a major research university in the Great Plains region.


Production Engineer

NET, Nebraska's PBS & NPR Stations, is seeking a professional to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for monitoring all equipment in the Avid edit suites, assist the maintenance department with troubleshooting, software upgrades and equipment installation; computer editing, setup and operation of video cameras, and operation of media servers. This position will monitor the Studio and editing aspects of the Network Monitor and Control System.

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TV Master Control Operator

NET, Nebraska’s NPR and PBS Stations is looking for a professional to perform scheduled switching operations for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET) Media Control and/or Network Operations Center as logged, using automated playlists and manual processes. Perform video server, videotape, and optical disc operations; records and plays programming for all of NET's multi-channel broadcast television, cable, Video-On-Demand, and streaming services. Use remote control software to operate statewide Digital TV, FM and HD radio transmitters and translators. Perform on-going system measurements for NET using waveform monitors, vectorscopes stream analyzers, and audio measurement devices. Monitor and control all auxiliary services, including but not limited to: Closed Captioning and Radio Talking Book. Responsible for control of the statewide Emergency Alert System and AMBER alerts. Other duties include satellite uplinks and coordination with the Public Broadcasting Service on their Diverse, Disaster and Maintenance System.

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Major and Planned Giving Officer

NET, Nebraska’s PBS and NPR public media stations is seeking an experienced professional to join our development team. This position will identify, cultivate, solicit and steward major donors and planned gifts as well as develop and implement a solicitation strategy for each donor and prospects, prepare written proposals, informational materials, endowment agreements, and gift illustrations.

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Software Developer

NET, Nebraska’s PBS & NPR Stations, is looking for a professional that will work as part of a team to develop elegant solutions that solve software problems related to spatial user experiences. Majority of the time spent working in a 3D development engine (primarily Unity) or writing code in C# and other object-oriented languages for use in the creation of virtual and augmented reality experiences. Is involved in both the initial development of the spatial experience as well as porting the experience to different apps or xR platforms. Experience working in Unity, ARKit and ARCore is required. Knowledge of trends in technology and usage in spatial media, ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, and ownership of at least one commercially available VR system is preferred.

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Vision Maker Media Director of Accounting & Finance

VMM is looking for a professional responsible for the direction and management of business operational and accounting financial systems that ensure legal and audit requirements are met and compliant, and that best practices of maximum efficiencies are obtained, including its programs and initiatives, grants and project administration. This position is responsible for financial leadership, management and procedures, accounts receivables and payables. Oversees and coordinates financial and contractual aspects of sales, acquisitions and marketing as well as daily office operations.

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Emerging Media Producer

NET, Nebraska’s PBS & NPR Stations is seeking a storyteller/producer to help us explore the frontiers of public media in Nebraska with new and innovative projects. As a part of NET’s emerging media initiative and based out of the newly launched NET Labs, this producer will have the opportunity to tell stories and work with technologies not traditionally associated with public media. This includes, but is not limited to, digital video, podcasting, web or mobile applications, augmented reality tools, 3D modeling and virtual reality experiences, and may utilize platforms like IGTV, YouTube, Spotify, SteamVR, SketchFab, iOS and Android, and smart speakers.  As a part of NET Labs, ideas may initially originate with the individual but are elevated and incubated by the group. We function more as a collective than as a federation of independent creators. Some projects will be leaner in resource, while others will have access to more substantial resources (full production crew, dedicated editor, dedicated developer). The ideal candidate is passionate about storytelling in all formats with a strong sense of narrative, committed to clear communication of well-sourced or reported facts, and eager to create character-driven stories as the central focus of their work.

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Satellite Maintenance Engineer

NET, Nebraska’s PBS & NPR Stations, is looking for a professional to perform installation, preventive maintenance, and repair on NET's and PBS's C-Band and Ku-Band fixed and temporary fixed (mobile) satellite equipment and systems (transmit and/or receive). This also includes work at the NET television and radio transmission sites. Assist in design and implementation of the computer controlled technical systems, procedures, reports and record keeping for the NET-NMCS (Network Management Control System). Will be involved in the on-going implementation, maintenance, and operation of the NET-NMCS. Expected to work with NET Network Operations support groups, and assist the NET staff in performing their duties effectively and efficiently. Perform necessary installation, integration, and system modifications for NET remote transmitter sites to facilitate the engineering and operation of each site both NET Television and Radio. Will work with NET transmission department to assure integrity and reliability of terrestrial interconnection system, and multicast signal. Provide documentation of NET transmitter site modifications. Work with PBS support groups, and the Chief Engineer-Network Operations assisting in whatever capacity is needed at the direction of PBS and Chief Engineer-Network Operations.

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