About Nebraska's PBS & NPR Stations



  • NET, Nebraska's PBS & NPR Stations is the statewide public media service dedicated to creating opportunities for Nebraskans to engage with critical issues, compelling stories and quality entertainment. 
  • We serve each of Nebraska’s 93 counties with 52,560 hours of programming each year on four television and two radio channels, plus online and mobile content.
  • In addition to providing free, high-quality educational programming for children, NET provides programming in the arts, award-winning news and current affairs information and emergency alert services.
  • Viewers and listeners connect with NET on multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, podcasts and e-newsletters. NET is available on-demand, online and via our  NET App, with access to more great content on the NPR One app and the PBS Video apps.

Nebraska Broadcasters Association

Open Meetings
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission meetings and University of Nebraska Board of Regents meetings are open to the public per Nebraska Revised Statute 84-1409. Time is available at each meeting for public comments. Please visit the links above for a schedule of upcoming meetings and additional detail.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
and Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
Compliance Requirements