Retiring old refrigerators

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April 12, 2009 - 7:00pm

Nebraskans looking to get rid of old refrigerators or freezers now have an incentive to dispose of the energy-sucking appliances. Nebraska Public Power District is launching a new Refrigerator Recycling Program. Kenneth Young, an energy efficiency consultant with NPPD says the goal of the project is to remove 6,000 refrigerators from Nebraska homes. Young says retiring a second refrigerator can result in savings of up 100-dollars a year on energy bills. Young says he's anticipating strong participation.

"Last fall for several months we ran a small little pilot program in the northeast part of the state and collected 282 units," Young said. "This year we started scheduling in March and in the first month we scheduled over 300, so I think we're really taking off this year."

Nebraskans who have their old refrigerators picked up will be paid a 35 dollar refund. Someone comes to the house, picks up the appliance and takes it to a de-manufacturing facility. There the fridges are disassembled - the recyclable materials are recycled and the hazardous materials are destroyed.

Electric customers of any particpating utility can take advantage of the program by calling 866-444-9160 or visiting this Web site



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