NET News Earns 19 AP Awards

May 14, 2013 - 2:15pm

NET News earned 19 awards including 7 first-place awards in the 2013 Great Plains AP Broadcast Contest for radio stations in North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. 

NET News' Fred Knapp earned first-place honors for his continuing coverage of the 2012 legislative session and for the talk/public affairs program "Nebraska Child Welfare Reform."  Senior producer Bill Kelly also won two first-place awards.  He won in "General Reporting" for his story "Drunken Driving Case Raises Questions about Lenient Sentencing."  Together with Emily Kreutz and David Hughes, he also won a first-place award in "Best Use of Sound" for "Nebraska Burn Training Underway as Colorado Temporarily Bans the Practice."

Grant Gerlock of NET News earned a first-place award for his sports story "Nebraska Horse Racing Losing Stride with Loss of Lincoln Track."  Reporter Hilary Stohs-Krause also earned top honors in the "Feature" category for her story "Omaha Interfaith Project Tries New Approach in Religious Cooperation."  NET News won a first-place award for its website as well.

Jerry Johnston, who passed away in February, was honored with two awards for his feature stories "The Doodlebug" and "Wauneta Flour Mill -- The Last Family Run Flour Mill in Nebraska is Looking Forward."

Mike Tobias, Knapp, Gerlock, Kelly, Stohs-Krause, Johnston and Hughes each won two or more awards for their work.

A complete list of the winners for radio and television in all categories follows:

Non-Commercial Radio

Continuing Story

1st - NET Radio, "Legislature opens 2012 session; Legislature asserted its independence in 2012 session," by Fred Knapp

2nd - NET Radio, "Drought reveals water issues in Nebraska," by Grant Gerlock, Fred Knapp, Mike Tobias

3rd- SDPB, "Criminal, Legal Path to Robert's Execution.," by Cara Hetland, Kealey Bultena


1st - SDPB, "Guest Workers Get Unequal Treatment in State," by Charles Michael Ray

2nd - NET Radio, "Barroom Video Game Expands Gaming Potential after Court Ruling," by Bill Kelly

3rd - NET Radio, "Smoking Key to Closing Racial Gap in Lung Cancer In Nebraska," by Grant Gerlock


1st - NET Radio, "Omaha Interfaith Project Tries New Approach to Religious Cooperation" by Hilary Stohs-Krause

2nd - NET Radio, "The Doodlebug," by Jerry Johnston

3rd - NET Radio, "Wauneta Flour Mill - The Last Family Run Flour Mill in Nebraska Is Looking Forward," by Jerry Johnston

General Reporting

1st - NET Radio, "Drunken Driving Case Raises Questions about Lenient Sentencing," by Bill Kelly

2nd - NET Radio, "Is Bingo Dying? Nebraska Charitable Gaming Revenue Continues Decline," by Billy Kelly

3rd - NET Radio, "Ethanol Debate Looks beyond Short Term Gain," by Grant Gerlock


1st - SDPB, Newscast Entry, by Gary Ellenbolt


1st - NET Radio, "Nebraska Horse Racing Losing Stride with Loss of Lincoln Track," by Grant Gerlock

2nd - NET Radio, "National Soccer Fan Club Has Roots in Unlikely Place," by Clay Masters

3rd - NET Radio, "Omaha's Rosenblatt Stadium Disappearing Piece By Piece," by Fred Knapp


1st - SDPB, "Preparing for the Boom (hash)1_Oil Exploration's History in the Dakotas." by Gary Ellenbolt

2nd - SDPB, "1972 Flood Remembered," by Charles Michael Ray

Spot News

1st - SDPB, "Woman, Gunman Dead In SF Shooting," by Kealey Bultena

2nd - SDPB, "Senator George McGovern Dies in Sioux Falls," by Charles Michael Ray

Talk/Public Affairs

1st - NET Radio, "Nebraska Child welfare reform," by Fred Knapp

2nd - SDPB, "Governor Daugaard on Health Insurance Exchange," by Karl Gehrke

Best Use of Sound

1st - NET Radio, "Nebraska burn training underway as Colorado temporarily bans the practice," by Bill Kelly, Emily Kreutz, David Hughes

2nd - SDPB, "Air National Guard Memorial Service montage," by Charles Michael Ray, Amy Varland

3rd - NET Radio, "Young and Overweight: AN Omaha School Battles Youth Obesity," by Mike Tobias, David Hughes


1st - NET Radio, "Net News Website," by NET News Staff

2nd - SDPB, "South Dakota Public Broadcasting," by Staff

3rd - COJMC, "NewsNetNebraska," by Staff


1st - SDPB, "Free speech at work: Limbaugh's hate speech countered by protests," by Victoria Wicks

2nd - NET Radio, "Some lost everything: Wildfires in Nebraska leave the future uncertain," by Hilary Stohs-Krause

3rd - NET Radio, "Nebraska lynch mobs not always a 'wild west' creation, says historian," by Bill Kelly


Commercial Radio Large

Continuing Story

1st - KLIN, "Fairness Ordinance Controversy," by Kevin Thomas

2nd - KFOR, "What really happened to Charlie Roger?" by Jeff Motz

3rd - KFAB, "Decline of a police chief," by Staff


1st - KFOR, "Afghan farming," by Dale Johnson

2nd - KLIN, "Lincoln Family still searching for their son," by Jack Mitchell, John Bishop

3rd - KFAB, "Last days of Rosenblatt," by Tom Stanton


1st - KLIN, "A Different Kind of Strength," by Kevin Thomas

2nd - KFAB, "Next for NU," by Jim Rose

3rd - KFAB, "The Cost of the Bird," by Karla James

General Reporting

1st - KFOR, "What really happened to Charlie Roger?" by Jeff Motz

2nd - KFAB, "Pelini Health Scare," by Tom Stanton


1st - KLIN, "KLIN News with Jane Monnich," by Jane Monnich

2nd - KFOR, "7am News," by Dale Johnson

3rd - KFAB, "Tony Wike," Tony Wike


1st - KLIN, "Team Jack: Prayer, Teamwork & T-shirts," by Kevin Thomas

2nd - KLIN, Lincoln, "Imani Cross Profile," by Chris Whitney

3rd - KFOR, Lincoln, "New Athletic Director Is In Town," by Jeff Motz


1st - KLIN, "Thanks Coach Osborne," by Kevin Thomas

2nd - KFOR, "Great Plains," by Dale Johnson

Spot News

1st - KFOR, "Severe Weather," by Jeff Motz and Chris Goforth

2nd - KFGO, "Campus Evacuation," by Bonnie Amistadi, Don Haney, Jim Monk

3rd - KLIN, "Tom Osborne Retires," by Chris Whitney, Jane Monnich, Dane Ross, Kevin Thomas

Talk/Public Affairs

1st - KFOR, "Museum of Government Waste," by Dale Johnson

2nd - KFOR, "Valentine's Day Is For Lovers of All Ages," by Dale Johnson

3rd - KFOR, "Growing Cities," by Dale Johnson


1st - by KLIN Staff

2nd - KFAB Website by Staff

Commercial Radio Small


No winners


1st - KWBE, "Homesteading Panel," by Doug Kennedy

2nd - KWBE, "Czech President Going Strong," by Doug Kennedy

3rd - KWBE, "Pork Debate: Pens vs. Stalls," by Dave Niedfeldt

General Reporting

1St - KOKK/KIJV, "James Harris Sentencing," by Zach Nelson

2nd - KORN, "Impaired Driving Experience" by J.P. Skelly

3rd - - KOKK/KIJV, "Springs Auto Fire," by Zach Nelson


1st - KORN, "KORN News Radio 5 pm Newscast," by J.P. Skelly

Spot News

1st - KWBE, "Rape Charges Dismissed," by Doug Kennedy

2nd - KWBE, "Abusing the Vulnerable," by Doug Kennedy

Talk/Public Affairs

1st - KOKK, "One Year of Cameras In South Dakota Courts With Chief Justice David Gilbertson," by Zach Nelson

2nd - KORN, "Lead Bullets and Raptors," by Clayton Mick

3rd - KOKK, "Huron's Texting Ban with Police Chief Gary Will, Jr." by Zach Nelson

Best Use of Sound

1st - KORN, Mitchell, "Impaired Driving Experience," by J.P. Skelly

2nd - KOKK, "Huron PD Citizen's Police Academy Night Time Ride-A-Long," by Zach Nelson

3rd - KOKK, "Black Friday," by Zach Nelson


1st - KORN, "Impaired Driving Experience," J.P. Skelly


Television Non-Metro


1st - KLKN, "Elderly Farmer Reacts to Drought," by Cole Miller

2nd - KXMB, "Spring Wheat Harvest," by Sarah Gustin, Juan Thomas

3rd - KDLT, "Urban chicken farmers focus on eating local," by Jenna Mann


1st - KOLN, "No Water in Platte River," by Nate Kramer, Dave Roberts

2nd - KOLN, "Death Row Inmate Faces Execution," by Chad Silber, Nate Kramer, Nick Bohan

General Reporting

1st - KDLT, "Madison Cleaning up after Flood," by Jeff Rusack, Jill Johnson

2nd - KOLN, "School Arsonist Sentenced," by Owen Jensen

3rd - KXMB, "Orgaard Funeral," by Donnell Preskey


1st - KOLN, "Newscast: 12-20-12 6pm," by Staff


1st - KOLN, "Boxing Gym," by Lance Schwartz

2nd - KLKN, "Cardinal Mooney," by Ian Hest

3rd - KLKN, "'72 Rockets," by Matt Lothrop


1st - KDLT, "KDLT Sports," by Mark Ovenden, Max Jensen, Adam Huntimer, Nick Lenz

2nd - KOLN, "Sportscast 3-9-12 pm," by Kevin Sjuts, Matt SantaMaria


1st - KLKN, "Joplin Tornado, 1 year Anniversary," by Megan Palera

2nd - KDLT, "Navy Week: Life aboard an Aircraft Carrier," by Jeff Rusack, Adam Huntimer

3rd - KOLN, "Horse Rescue," by Cassie Anderson


1st - KLKN, "Pinball Wizard," by Keith Stueven

2nd - KLKN, "Victory Course," by Keith Stueven

3rd - KEVN, "Soldiers take to the Mickelson Trail," by Zach Nugent


1st - KOLN, "," by Amber Smith, Stephanie McGowen, David Jespersen

2nd - KDLT, "KDLT News," by KDLT Staff


1st - KOLN, "Weathercast 4/14/12 10pm," by Ken Siemek, Staff

2nd - KDLT, "Kelly Smith Weathercast," by Kelly Smith


1st - KDLT, "Horses Help Healing at McCrossan Boys Ranch," by Tom Hanson


1st - KOTA, "A little girl with a big heart: 7-year-old buys gifts for needy family," by Chris Davis

2nd - KOLN, "Skateboarding Professor," by Lance Schwartz

3rd - KDLT, "Tea Boy Who Lost Limbs Starts Kindergarten," by Jenna Mann

Spot News

1st - KXMB, "New England Fire Update," by Amber Schatz

2nd - KOLN, "Neighborhood Shooting," by Owen Jensen, Stephanie Morrissey

3rd - KLKN, "Shickley Tornado Damage," by Cole Miller


Television Metro


1st - KETV, "Lake Concerns," by Todd Andrews, Andrew Ozaki

2nd - KETV, "Fields full of sand," by Melissa Fry

3rd - KETV, "Drilling deeper," by Amanda Crawford, Matthew Lathan


1st - KMTV, "Exotic Pets for Sale," by Jake Wasikowski

2nd - KETV, "Hidden Identity," by Ryan Luby

3rd - KETV, "KETV Omaha: SIDS Recommendations Out of Date," by Brandi Petersen


1st - KETV, "Bat in the Newsroom," by Todd Andrews, Matthew Lathan, Justin Tatum

2nd - KETV, "Waiting for Heart," by Rob McCartney

3rd - KETV, "Surrender your Social Sites," by Julie Cornell

General Reporting

1st - WOWT, "I thought I was done," by Chase Moffitt, Christian Champoux

2nd - WOWT, "Reverse Parking," by Jeff Sabin

3rd - WOWT, "Ice Cream Man," by Brian Mastre, Jeff Olson


1st - KETV, "KETV NewsWatch 7 at 10:00, 12.5.12," by Andrew Bein, KETV Staff

2nd - KETV, "KETV NewsWatch 7 at 10:00, 4.14.12," by Staff

3rd - KETV, "KETV NewsWatch 7 at 10:00, 4.15.12," by Andrew Bein, KETV Staff


1st - KMTV, "AP Sports Hector the Hero," by Chase Williams

2nd - KETV, "How the Huskers Eat," by Andy Kendeigh, Andrew Ozaki

3rd - WOWT, "Swimming Couple," by Ross Jernstrom, Greg Ortiz


1st - WOWT, "WOWT Sportscast," by Greg Ortiz, Ross Jernstrom


1st - KETV, "KETV NewsWatch 7 Chronicle: Words to live by," by Julie Cornell

2nd - WOWT, "Baby Christian Organ Donation," by Malorie Maddox, Jeff Olson, Christian Champoux

3rd - KETV, "KETV NewsWatch 7 Chronicle: Raising Successful Children," by Julie Cornell

Spot News

1st - KETV, "Widespread Storm Damage," by Andrew Bein, Staff

2nd - KETV, "Tornadoes Strike Region," by Renee Ludvik, Todd Andrews, Staff

3rd - KETV, "Cattle Roundup," by Ryan Luby, KETV Photographers


1st - KETV, by Jonathan Garcia, Anna Ripa


1st - KETV, "KETV NewsWatch 7 Weather Now 4.14," by Bill Randby, Holly McCarthy

2nd - WOWT, "Blizzard Coverage," by Greg Armbrecht

3rd - KETV, "KETV NewsWatch 7Weather Now," by Bill Randby, Holly McCarthy


1st - WOWT, "Old habits die hard," by Brian Mastre

2nd - WOWT, "Rescued Rescuing," by Chase Moffitt



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