Nebraska Runner Escapes Injury in Boston Marathon Explosions

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April 15, 2013 - 5:52pm

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor running in the Boston Marathon Monday was not injured when two bombs exploded near the crowded finish line.  Brian Robertson, a professor of mechanical and materials engineering at UNL, told NET News his wife who was waiting for him at the finish line was also uninjured in the blast.

"I was just short of the 26-mile mark maybe by 70 yards or so, when I saw the smoke and saw the first blast, and then shortly after the second blast," Robertson said.  "Immediately the volunteers and the police ... came into the roadway and stopped runners and turned them around.  Told everyone to get away and so we did."

Listen to Robertson describe the events as they unfolded in this interview with NET News Director Dennis Kellogg.



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