Nebraska Nature Visitor Center opens

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July 21, 2009 - 7:00pm

A sandhill crane migration observatory that closed in 2007 has reopened with a new name and new funding. The Crane Meadows Nature Center in central Nebraska is now the Nebraska Nature and Visitors Center. Brad Mellema is the center's director. He says the center provides an accessible place for people to connect with nature along the Platte River. Mellema said while the economic climate is always a concern for non-profits, he's optimistic the center will quickly reestablish itself as a strong state asset in central Nebraska.

"This organization has a network of individuals over the years that have given generously of their time and resources to get it going," Mellema said.

"They're really excited to come back and offer those again and I think we'll quickly be able to reform a core of individuals that are dedicated to providing the services here at the center."

The center closed so it could reorganize and address its funding problems. Now it will have financial support from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Hastings College, the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program and the Nebraska Environmental Trust. The center sits a few miles southwest of Grand Island, off Interstate 80.

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