Mello, Heineman clash over budget

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November 10, 2009 - 6:00pm

A vote against Governor Dave Heineman's budget-cutting proposal has the governor and a leading critic trading charges about politics and leadership.

Update: A senator who Wednesday called a vote rejecting Governor Dave Heineman's budget cutting proposals a vote of no confidence in the governor's leadership now says he was speaking only for himself. Omaha Senator Heath Mello made a motion to accept all the governor's proposals. The Appropriations Committee rejected it unanimously. Heineman, a Republican, accused Mello, a Democrat, of playing a political game. Other senators objected as well, with Appropriations Chairman Lavon Heidemann saying the committee could end up accepting most of the governor's recommendations. Mello said today (Thursday) he didn't intend to speak for other senators, and apologized if they were offended.



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