Golden Spike petition

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May 2, 2010 - 7:00pm

Taxes-they seem to get a lot of people's attention when brought up. That's the case in North Platte as voters there prepare to go to the polls next week. As part of NET's Campaign Connection 2010 (twenty ten) project... Perry Stoner reports on an issue that could see voters decide how to use tax dollars for a local tourist attraction -- unless a judge says the issue shouldn't be on the ballot at all.
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UPDATE: On Monday May 3, 2010, Lincoln County District Court Judge John P. Murphy ruled that the petition to change the way hotel occupation taxes are used for the Golden Spike, is invalid because the referendum process cannot be used to change contractual obligations. The city of North Platte has a contract in place with the facility. The city filed a lawsuit to void the petition that had placed the issue on the ballot. The matter will still be on the already-printed ballots, but Judge Murphy's decision instructs the Lincoln County Election Commissioner to not count nor report the votes.



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