Election Day 2012

November 6, 2012 - 3:00pm

Welcome to the NET News page for Election Day 2012; throughout the afternoon and evening today, we'll be posting information, links, photos, results and more for Nebraska and national elections. Check back often for the latest updates.

SOCIAL MEDIA/MOBILE: NET News reporter Hilary Stohs-Krause will provide election coverage and results on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter (follow hashtag #NEvote). Download the free NET Radio Nebraska App for convenient mobile access to our coverage on your smart phone or tablet.

RADIO: NET Radio's election night coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. CT with NPR live programming anchored by Robert Siegel and Melissa Block. NET News Reporter Grant Gerlock will have Nebraska results throughout the evening after polls close at 8:00 p.m. CT.

TELEVISION: NET News Director Dennis Kellogg will anchor Nebraska news segments on NET-1/NET-HD four minutes before the top of each hour, starting at 7:56 p.m. CT. Election night coverage from the PBS NewsHour team begins at 6 p.m. CT on NET 1/HD.

LIVE REPORTING: NET News producers Bill Kelly and Mike Tobias will report live on NET Radio and NET Television from the Democratic and Republican campaigns.

UPDATE 10:30 P.M. CT:  NPR, along with other major news organizations (and Obama himself) calls the Presidential race for Obama.

UPDATE 10:22 P.M. CT:  NPR and The Associated Press now project a win for President Obama in Ohio -- the state that pundits said would determine who wins the White House. NPR has not yet projected a winner of the race for the White House. Ohio puts President Obama's electoral count thus far at 265 to Romney's 203.

UPDATE 10:08 P.M. CT:  Updated results for Nebraska with 37 percent of precincts reporting

  • Congressional District 1: Fortenberry, 66 percent; Reiman, 34 percent
  • Congressional District 2: Terry, 52 percent; Ewing, 48 percent
  • Congressional District 3: Smith, 73 percent; Sullivan, 27 percent
  • Senate: Fischer claims victory with 56 percent to Kerrey's 44 percent
  • President: Romney, 58 percent; Obama, 40 percent; Johnson (Libertarian Party), 1.3 percent


UPDATE 10:03 P.M. CT: Photos from Bob Kerrey's campaign party in La Vista, Neb.

UPDATE 9:23 P.M. CT: Fortenberry holding a steady lead with 65 percent of the vote for Nebraska Congressional District 1; 30 percent of Nebraska precincts have reported.

UPDATE 8:57 P.M. CT: National update from NPR

"Key states where polls have closed but the presidential races are still too close to call include Virginia, Florida and Ohio. There have not been any major surprises yet. But President Obama is the projected winner in Pennsylvania, a big state that Mitt Romney wanted to win."


UPDATE 8:51 P.M. CT: Nebraska, how was your voting experience? Did you have to deal with any long lines? How busy were your polling sites?

Kevin Horn from Alliance, Neb. says he was in and out in five minutes; "The turnout was very strong."


UPDATE 8:35 P.M. CT: Photos from Fischer's campaign party

Photos by NET News Producer Mike Tobias


UPDATE 8:27 P.M. CT: Results for proposed constitutional amendments with 5.5 percent of precincts reporting:

No. 1 (impeachment) and  No. 2 (hunting and fishing) are passing by a wide margin; No. 3 (term limits) and 4 (legislative salary) look doubtful, with the "No" votes at 65 percent.


UPDATE 8:06 P.M. CT: Nebraska early results from the Nebraska Secretary of State's office, with 2 percent of precincts reporting:

  • Congressional District 1: Fortenberry, 58.6 percent; Reiman, 41.4 percent
  • Congressional District 2: Terry, 53.9 percent; Ewing, 46.1 percent
  • Congressional District 3: Smith, 66.4 percent; Sullivan, 33.6 percent
  • Senate: Fischer, 52.3 percent; Kerrey, 47.7 percent
  • President: Romney, 55 percent; Obama, 44 percent; Johnson (Libertarian Party), 1.1 percent;


UPDATE 7:42 P.M. CT: Behind the scenes at NET

Things are starting to pick up here at NET as more and more results come in - check out some photos from the control room and on-air radio studio.


UPDATE 7:29 P.M. CT: Via NPR: "The story so far: The presidential races are too close to call in the battleground states where polls have closed (Virginia, Ohio, Florida and New Hampshire). And no surprises yet in any of the other states."


UPDATE 6:43 P.M. CT: Are you following us and the #NEvote hashtag on twitter? Check out some of this neat tweets we've run across:


UPDATE 6:21 P.M. CT: According to an official Facebook widget, 2.4 million male Facebook users said they've voted, compared to 4.8 million female Facebook users. Overall, 57 percent of Facebook users are women; based on these numbers, they make up 66 percent of those who said they've voted. Check out the app for a breakdown by age, location and time of vote.


UPDATE 6:14 P.M. CT: "Next NPR calls: Mitt Romney won in Georgia and South Carolina. That's also based on information from exit polls, not actual vote counts. So if you're keeping count, the early calls put 44 Electoral College votes in Mitt Romney's column; three in President Obama's. Again, none of them are surprises." (See more)


UPDATE 6:07 P.M. CT:  First calls: NPR projects wins for Mitt Romney in Indiana and Kentucky; a win for President Obama in Vermont. None are surprises. The projections are based mostly on exit polls of voters. (NPR's election website)


UPDATE 5:44 P.M. CT: Democrats, Republicans allege voter fraud in Douglas County

Both the Republican Party and Democratic Party in Nebraska are alleging voter fraud in Douglas County this Election Day. The charges were made at a press conference this afternoon, which soon turned into a shouting match between party spokesmen. Learn more in this story from KVNO News reporter Robyn Wisch.


UPDATE 5:25 P.M. CT: Already voted and just sitting around with friends, waiting for the election results to start rolling in? Here are some treats and games to help you pass the time:

  • Create your own virtual "I voted!" button: The Washington Post is hosting an interactive game where you design your own "I voted!" button. You can share it on Facebook or download it. They also break down the buttons created by state - so far for Nebraska, 55 people have created buttons: 40 for Obama, 11 for Romney and 4 for "neither / no one."
  • Look #IVoted: PBS is pulling together all photos from image-sharing site Instagram tagged with "#ivoted". Still have your sticker? Post your own photo

  • Political Party Quiz: Wondering where you really stand on the political spectrum? Take this simple, 12-question quiz from PBS and share your results on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • Swing State Scorecard: This challenge from NPR lets you predict where the "toss-up" 95 electoral votes for the presidential race will be assigned. Click a tossup state under a candidate’s name to see what it means for his chances of winning. The candidate who secures 270 electoral votes becomes president.




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