Chadron State new home to 65 mounted animals

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October 7, 2009 - 7:00pm

Chadron State College is the new home to about 65 mounted animals, thanks to a taxidermy donation from the Sidney-based outfitter Cabela's. Teresa Zimmerman, an assistant professor of agriculture, says the animals will be used as teaching tools for the college's wildlife management courses.
Zimmerman says most of the animals are being displayed in a large classroom.

"So it's a little jam-packed but it's an absolutely fantastic environment for these students to be in, surrounded by these species that they're interested in studying," said Zimmerman. "The size perspective is fantastic, for them to sit there and look at a life-sized mount of a prong-horned antelope and compare it to a life-sized mount of a musk-ox or a moose. It's absolutely a phenomenal teaching tool."

Zimmerman says the donation came in response to a request by the college for a donation of a single animal. Cabela's responded by donating two semi-truck loads containing mounted animals including moose, elk, lions, and a grizzly bear, and some smaller animals. The company says it donated the items because the animals had been in storage after the company delayed expansion of its retail stores.



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