Blizzard hitting Nebraska

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January 30, 2011 - 6:00pm

A huge winter storm is slowly moving across Nebraska and the National Weather Service is advising travelers to only go out in an emergency. The eastern third of the state is under a Winter Storm Warning. The snow started late Monday afternoon and is expected to last through much of Tuesday. 40 MPH winds will blow the six to nine inches around causing large drifts.

The day started early for road crews, as a coat of freezing rain made streets and highways slick in advance of the snow.

"The traffic isn't going real fast but there's been some rollovers and vehicles in ditches," said Department of Roads manager Roger Kalkwarf.
"It's always to our advantage when there's less traffic out there especially on our high traveled roads because it just causes more congestion for us to get around."

With plenty of warning, truck stops along Interstate 80 were making plans to deal with the type of overnight visitors they get when a major winter storm blows through.

"It kind of gets hectic here. You get all your drivers in here, then line-up to get fuel," said Joan Trollope, the Supervisor at Sapp Brothers Travel Center in York "(We'll) have to wait quite a while sometimes. And sometimes they get stuck here if it gets real bad. Sometimes it gets crowded where they have to line-up on the streets too because our parking lot's too full."

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