The cost of firing Bo Pelini

Bo Pelini was fired from the University of Nebraska on Sunday, November 30th. (Photo courtesy of Hail Varsity)
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December 1, 2014 - 4:15pm

The search is on to find Bo Pelini’s replacement. This is the fourth time since Tom Osborne retired in 1997 that the Husker football team has been in search of a coach. Ryan Robertson of NET News reports on how much it will cost the program this time around.

Over $7.5 million. That’s how much the University of Nebraska has to pay to fire head football coach Bo Pelini. If his coaching staff is also asked to leave, add another $4 million, give or take.

But will the University really be on the line for that much money? Not necessarily according to Bob Wolverton of the Chronicle for Higher Education.

Wolverton said as long as Pelini finds another job coaching, which is likely, then Nebraska would only have to pay a portion of that $7.5 million.

“You see a big number and it scares everybody but in the end a guy at his level is going to come out making a decent salary somewhere else, maybe not quite as much, but he’s going to come out and not make the university owe him quite as much as they think,” Wolverton said.

Pelini was scheduled to make just under $3.1 million this year, and his contract was good through the 2018 season.

Until Pelini finds another job, he’ll be paid $150,000 a month, from what UNL Athletics Director Shawn Eichorst called “operational reserves” in the program.

According to Eichorst, resources aren’t a problem at Nebraska, but he wants to be financially responsible.

So just how much should he expect to spend on a coach who can win championships?

Brad Wolverton said in today’s market, probably more than what Pelini was making.

“I think there are three dozen coaches out there that are making north of three million dollars a year,” Wolverton explained, “So if Nebraska, if they want to play in that league and they want a coach that can do more than Pelini did, than they’re going to have to pay for it.”




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