Residents can expect increase in electrical bills after cold snap

February 23, 2021 - 2:46pm

Nebraskans may experience slight increases on their electric bills this month after the recent sub-zero weather conditions increased the demand for electricity across the state.

The Nebraska Public Power District said the demand for electricity increased during the five days Nebraska experienced record cold temperatures last week.

Mark Becker, the supervisor of media relations with NPPD, said they won’t know the exact increase in customer costs until the next billing cycle.

“Our next billing cycle isn’t until, doesn’t go out until March 1st, so we got a few more days. They’re still collecting the data," Becker said. 

Lisa Hale, vice president of customer services at Lincoln’s Electric System, said Lincoln customers’ electricity use increased by 40% this month.

“It was significantly higher in heating degree days during that whole snap than it was in that same period of time last year," Hale said. 

LES said they’re also waiting for more billing information to have a better idea of how much extra the cold snap. 



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