Nebraska Receives Lowest Rating For 2021 Roadmap of Highway Safety Laws

2021 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws: Overall Rating of State Based on Number of Safety Laws
Advocates For Highway And Auto Safety report for Nebraska
January 11, 2021 - 3:06pm

Nebraska is one of 12 states with the lowest “red” rating for 2021 Roadmap of Highway Safety Laws. Cathy Chase is the president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the organization that released the new report.

She said the state only has six of the 16 optimal laws that they recommend.

“Throughout the nation, there were numerous reports, including in Nebraska, of observations that speeding was up, impaired driving was up, distraction was up and, and on the other side, seatbelt law was down," she said. "So this is all pretty much a recipe for disaster and we only have two laws in our distracted driving section. So the fact that Nebraska is lacking both of them is really troubling. ”

Those laws missing in Nebraska include teens being prohibited from using their phones while learning to drive and restricting drivers from texting while on the wheel. Chase said other safety rules Nebraska lacks are front, rear, and booster seat belt laws and more.

She said preliminary 2020 estimates show overall vehicle miles traveled are down but fatality rates increased nationally.



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