Legislature hears suggestions for police reform

October 15, 2020 - 3:52pm


Suggestions for police reform were the focus of a hearing held by the Nebraska Legislature’s Judiciary Committee Thursday.

Among those testifying was LaVista Police Chief Bob Lausten, who said departments should be required to do psychological screening of police recruits before they are hired. Lausten said some departments, including his, currently do that, but there’s no statewide requirement.

“Currently the admission criteria for law enforcement certification in Nebraska only includes a provision that the applicant check a box on the state's medical history form that says quote, “Do not have a past that's indicative of physical, mental or emotional incapacity.” That's it” for the psychological screening,” Lausten said.

Other ideas discussed ranged from civilian boards to investigate use of force to more funds for better training. Police reform is expected to be a major topic when the Legislature reconvenes in January.








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