University of Nebraska system residents halls will look different this year

One of the many hand-sanitizing stations at UNL. Photo courtesy of UNL.
August 6, 2020 - 3:38pm

The University of Nebraska will soon welcome students back to campuses statewide. However, campus life will look very different this year.

Staff across the University of Nebraska system have been trying to answer the question for months: how to move students back on campus safely?

At the University of Nebraska-Omaha, dorms are trying a new approach for the first time: move-in by appointment.

Dan Shipp, Vice Chancellor for Student Success said move-in is typically an exciting time for new students. This year, those feelings will be tinged with caution.  

 “You know, that's something that's really fun and exciting, right? But in this period of time, we have to think more responsibly about it, to do this in an organized, structured way, to keep people as de-densified as possible," he said.

He said UNO’s dorms make it easier for students to socially distance, every student has their own room.

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, denser dorms pose their own challenges. But Associate Housing Director Tony Rathgeber said the university has increased cleaning protocols in buildings, and no more than two students will share a room.

“From every indication we’ve received, people are really glad to hear the extent we are going to go to ensure the health and safety for the community,” he said.

Rathgeber said hand-sanitizer will also be available across dorms, and students are now required to wear masks outside of their rooms.



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