Bryan Health Says Masks Essential to Preventing COVID-19 Case Spike

Children's masks being handed out at an event in Lincoln in June. (Becca Costello, NET News)
June 30, 2020 - 1:11pm

Officials at Bryan Health in Lincoln said they only have four in-house COVID-19 patients right now, but they're still concerned about the longer-term situation in Lancaster County.

Dr. Anne Perlman said a recent increase in cases among those under 40 years old is concerning because many younger people are asymptomatic carriers and can spread the virus to high-risk individuals. She said the crisis in New York is thought to have been caused by asymptomatic spread, and officials want to avoid the same problem here.

"So what we’re worried about, in Lancaster County and other places, is that we have a kind of similar simmer of cases in young people who are not requiring medical care currently," Perlman said. "But that infection, in time, will reach our high-risk individuals."

Perlman said a new spike in cases can be prevented in part by simply wearing masks in public. She said there was initial confusion from the CDC on the effectiveness of face coverings, but they’ve since been shown to combat asymptomatic transmission.



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