COVID-19 and mental health

Steven Wengel is a geriatric psychiatrist and serves as the University of Nebraska at Omaha assistant vice chancellor for campus wellness.
June 24, 2020 - 3:55pm

The Corona-virus has affected nearly every aspect of life, including mental health.

Psychiatrist Steven Wengel is the assistant vice chancellor for campus wellness at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He said the virus has been especially hard on older generations who have to take social distancing the most seriously. Those in nursing homes especially might not be able to have much social activity during this time.

Wengel said to take the extra time to check in on people to make sure they are doing well.

“We encourage older adults to be active in retirement, you know stay physically active and stay socially active,” Wengel said. "So all the things we ask people to do, are hard to do now.”  

Wengel said a good place to start for anyone seeking mental health help is with their general care doctor. He says he also recommends making sure to get enough sleep and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



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