Amtrak Announces Service Cuts to Long-Distance Routes Due to Coronavirus

(Wikimedia Commons)
June 18, 2020 - 5:03pm

Amtrak announced Wednesday it will cut its long-distance routes to only three days a week in place of daily service due to a drop-in demand during the coronavirus pandemic

ProRail Nebraska, an advocacy group, says they’re concerned about availability for cities like Hastings.

President Matthew Roque said these changes will hurt people who rely on the service to get to Omaha or Lincoln for healthcare appointments and other essential trips.

"I think what’s most important about Amtrak service to remember is that it’s not a luxury," Roque said. "It’s something that some people use every day or something that some people use because they have no other option. It’s public transportation." 

Roque said the organization will determine how to respond to the changes in their July meeting, but will continue to advocate for increased passenger rail service in the state.

The modified schedule is set to begin October 1 and run through the summer of 2021.



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