Calibraska Arts Initiative Moves to Online Format Amid Pandemic

The organization paired with 4-H Nebraska to move the classes online (Photo courtesy of Calibraska Arts Initiative).
June 16, 2020 - 1:23pm

A program to connect west coast arts and entertainment professionals with kids and adults in Nebraska, is moving online for the first time due to COVID-19. Calibraska Arts Initiative founding director Erica Larsen-Dockray said the program’s partnership with 4-H Nebraska has made the online platform possible. It has expanded class offerings beyond the usual film and animation classes to include acting, music, dance, and more.  She said the opportunity to still hold classes has not only been important for participants, but for teaching artists, too.

“Art can be this really wonderful space to kind of work out life changes. And COVID, for a lot of people, has presented a lot of life changes,” Larsen-Dockray said. 

 Larsen-Dockray said the virtual format provides a place for kids from both California and Nebraska to connect over shared interests, while also helping them process what’s going on in the world. She said full and partial scholarships are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and if you wish to register for a course, you should register as soon as possible. For information on how to register for courses, visit their website at .



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