Lincoln-Lancaster Health Dept. Signs New DHM To Prohibit Door-to-Door Sales

A chart from the Lincoln-Lancaster County COVID-19 dashboard shows a rapid increase in cases in the past seven days, as of May 5.
May 5, 2020 - 8:12pm

Door-to-door sales is now temporarily prohibited in Lancaster County.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department implemented a new Directed Health Measure Tuesday. The DHM also halts processing of new peddler permits.

The local health order is in effect until May 10. A DHM from state officials is set to take effect on May 11, and will loosen restrictions on restaurants and businesses like beauty salons and tattoo shops.

But Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird says they reserve the right to reconsider that plan, and says they are in communication with state officials.

"We will not be flipping on a switch but rather we will be easing off the measures and practices in order to prevent flair ups that derail our progress on the road to recovery," Gaylor Baird said. 

There are 439 cases of COVID-19 in Lancaster County, and there has been one death. 

Gaylor Baird says the rapid increase in cases in the past seven days is partially due to an outbreak at the Smithfield meatpacking plant in Crete. She also says local testing capacity is much higher.

Daily News Update, May 5



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