Lincoln Mayor's Interfaith Prayer Breakfast Held Online for the First Time

The Faith Coalition of Lancaster County hosted the event early Friday morning (Photo courtesy of Faith Coalition of Lancaster County)
April 17, 2020 - 3:38pm

The 36th Annual Interfaith Prayer Breakfast in Lincoln had a new twist Friday morning – it was held online instead of in-person due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird addressed those logging on for the event, which invites Nebraskans of all faiths to pray together and work to create a compassionate community.

D’Arcy Blosser, Chair of the Interfaith Breakfast Planning Committee, said the opportunity to come together, even online, and realize each other’s humanity is one of the most important things the breakfast accomplishes.

“For a city the size of Lincoln in the middle of the country, our diversity, I think, is really important. So, we try to highlight that diversity in faiths through the breakfast,” Blosser said.

Blosser said having Mayor Gaylor Baird speak helped reinforce the message of the event and helped the community connect. She said the coalition originally had to cancel the in-person breakfast but were fortunate enough to have the resources to host the event online.



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