Local Health Departments Announce Additional COVID-19 Death, Increases In Cases, New Health Measures

April 2, 2020 - 5:31pm

The Central District Health Department in Grand Island has reported 33 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the office's jurisdiction. That's an increase of 50 percent over yesterday's 21 cases. 13 additional cases have been identified in Douglas County, while Gage County has reported its first death.

In a statement, CDHD confirmed 12 new cases, 9 of which are located in Hall county, 2 in in Hamilton, and the first for Merrick County. 

The department clarified that these figured only include "lab-confirmed" cases of COVID-19, and not those diagnosed by healthcare providers "based on symptom pattern".

An additional Directed Health Measure will take effect in Hall, Merrick, and Hamilton counties that closes public parks, salons, tattoo shops, and massage parlors. Hiking and biking trails will remain open.

"We know that we have community wide-spread," the statement reads. "We also know that some people carry the virus but have no or very mild symptoms, so they continue to be out in the community. This means that when you are around others, you put yourself and others at risk for catching COVID-19."

CDHD also mentioned that for every confirmed case of COVID-19, experts believe there are ten undiagnosed infections. The department is asking community members to avoid any outings as much as possible, and to send one family member at a time to run critical errands.

Similar cautions were echoed by Dr. Adi Pour of Douglas County's Health Department. She confirmed 13 new cases in the county: one is travel-related, two are due to community spread, seven cases are from direct contact with a confirmed case, and three remain under investigation.

The Public Health Solutions Health Department in Crete has also confirmed Nebraska's 6th COVID-19 death: a resident of an assisted living facility in Gage County. The patient was a woman in her 90s with several underlying health conditions and died March 31st.  PHSHD received confirmation of her illness on April 1st.

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