10 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed At Carter Place Senior Living In Blair

Carter Place in Blair, Nebraska (Photo: Bill Kelly, NET News)
March 30, 2020 - 7:31pm

Ten additional people at an assisted living home in Blair have tested positive for COVID-19, according to a statement from Three Rivers Public Health Department.

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The ten new cases are the latest in an outbreak at Carter Place Senior Living. Late last week officials said an infected staff member at Carter Place came to work after having attended an event attended by others known to be carrying the coronavirus.

In the days that followed, residents, staff, and a team of volunteer firefighters came in contact with the virus. Health officials decided to test all residents and staff.

And the state Department of Health and Human Services announced Sunday that residents will be temporarily moved.

"Residents who have tested positive will be in self-isolation at other healthcare facilities and residents who are considered to have been exposed but remain asymptomatic will also self-quarantine at another healthcare facility," a statement said. "While the Carter House is empty, a complete deep cleaning to disinfect the facility will occur."

Three Rivers Public Health Department will provide more details on the new cases at a press conference Tuesday morning. 

Latest news & resources: netNebraska.org/coronavirus 



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