Sasse Joins 7 Senators To Vote Against Requiring Paid Leave For Coronavirus

Sen. Ben Sasse speaking on the Senate floor on Tuesday, March 17. (Courtesy: Sen. Sasse's office)
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March 19, 2020 - 3:47pm

Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse was one of only 8 senators who voted Wednesday against a bill requiring paid leave for employees taking time off work because of the coronavirus.

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The Senate voted 90-8 Wednesday for the bill requiring paid leave and containing a promise of federal reimbursement.

Sasse was not available for an interview about his opposition. But in a press release before the vote, he supported an amendment to provide emergency unemployment benefits instead, and said the paid leave requirement quote “puts a huge burden on small businesses that will hurt Main Street and increase job losses.” The amendment got 50 votes, but needed 60 to be adopted.

Nebraska’s other U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer, also voted for the amendment that failed. But unlike Sasse, Fischer also voted for the final bill, which President Trump signed into law Wednesday.

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