Lincoln Hospital Selective About COVID-19 Admissions

March 19, 2020 - 2:49pm

Doctors at Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln say they’re being very selective on who they admit for COVID-19  symptoms. They say if you’ve had a fever of at least 100.4 degrees for a few days and have breathing issues, you’ll likely be admitted as a precaution.

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Other seasonal illnesses are making things more complicated for hospital workers to determine who might have COVID-19.

“This past week, I think we’ve had fifty-some influenzas, so that is still out there,” said Bryan Medical Center CEO John Woodrich. “It’s just that panic that we don’t want to see occur and we want to be diligent and follow a criteria of how we’re addressing when people look to us for services.”

Bryan Medical Center still has an adequate supply of personal protective equipment for medical staff, but is actively looking for more supplies. Woodrich said an influx of COVID-19 cases could quickly diminish the hospital’s supply. 

The hospital is also looking for ways to do its own COVID-19 testing instead of sending swabs to the state for testing results. It also hopes to open a drive-in testing location soon in south Lincoln. 

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