Camp Ashland to Be A Coronavirus Quarantine Site for Nearly 70 Americans

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February 5, 2020 - 4:24pm

Health Officials in Omaha are preparing for the arrival of a plane carrying American citizens returning from Wuhan, China this week. Those passengers will then likely end up at a coronavirus quarantine site about 20 miles outside the city.

The plane is expected to land at Eppley Airfield on a flight from what has been the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China. The plane will arrive at a remote area of the airfield complex and would not affect passengers or flights out of the commercial airline terminal at the airport. The passengers from China will not be in the terminal.  They would likely be transported to Camp Ashland, a Nebraska National Guard facility near the Platte River southwest of Omaha.

The passengers would be housed there in 85 rooms during the 14-day quarantine period, where medical personnel would monitor them for coronavirus symptoms. If they need medical attention, they could be treated at facilities at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine in Omaha.

There are expected to be approximately 70 people on board the plane. The Centers for Disease Control is coordinating the quarantine sites, which also include San Antonio, San Diego, and Sacramento. The CDC says the immediate risk of coronavirus exposure to the general public is very low.



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