Nebraska Army National Guard's Cyber Protection Team To Leave For First Deployment

Nebraska Army National Guard Maj. Gen. Daryl Bohac addresses the 179th Cyber Protection Team at the Tuesday morning send-off ceremony. (Photo Courtesy of Maj. Scott Ingalsbe, Nebraska National Guard)
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December 3, 2019 - 2:40pm

The Nebraska Army National Guard’s 179th Cyber Protection Team is being deployed for the first time. The upcoming year-long deployment to Maryland was celebrated with a send-off ceremony on Tuesday morning at the Nebraska State Capitol. Speakers included Governor Pete Ricketts and Nebraska Army National Guard Major General Daryl Bohac.

Major Scott Ingalsbe, spokesman for the Nebraska Army National Guard, says the government’s increase in technology use has led to a rise in the demand for cyber task forces. The team will work with other government agencies to identify and fix vulnerabilities within cyber systems.

“More and more of what we do happens digitally, and our computer networks are a wealth of information, and that unfortunately makes them a high payoff target for hostile actors, criminals or other adversaries,” Ingalsbe said.

Ingalsbe says the team has gone through a long list of training requirements since its formation two years ago to prepare for possible deployment.

“We know that it’s difficult to be without them for the next year, but we hope they’ll return with a great deal of experience that they’ll bring back with them from this deployment,” Ingalsbe said.

The team is comprised of 19 soldiers, 11 are Nebraskans. The remaining eight are from the Missouri and Arkansas National Guard.



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