LPD Aims to Prevent Underage and Binge Drinking on Game Days

August 28, 2019 - 5:08pm

The Lincoln Police Department will emphasize patrolling sections of Northwest Lincoln on game days of Nebraska football to limit underage and binge drinking.

Additional officers from LPD’s Northwest team will patrol areas near Memorial Stadium and in neighborhoods near the UNL campus. Officer Angela Sands said this effort hopes to prevent dangerous alcohol-related behaviors such as drunk driving, robberies, and sexual assault in these areas.

“What we’re seeing is underage drinking and binge drinking," Sands said, "where we’re having to send those people away in ambulances to get checked out at the hospital and we want to prevent that. We want to prevent deaths due to alcohol and binge drinking.”

Sands also said tailgaters can’t walk around downtown Lincoln with alcohol. LPD will start by educating tailgaters, but will eventually start citing people walking around with alcohol, according to Sands.




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