Temporary Repairs to Irrigation Canal Complete

August 28, 2019 - 4:59pm

Temporary repairs to an irrigation canal on the Wyoming-Nebraska border that collapsed in late July are complete but for many farmers, the damage is already done.

Water is scheduled to be restored next Wednesday. It will take another eight days for the flowing water to reach Nebraska irrigators. Randie Kiesel is one of those farmers.

“Oh, I’m going to say these beans here, you’re looking at least 70 percent are probably gone. At least $400 an acre, at least,” Kiesel said.

Crop losses are estimated at $89 million. Irrigation District General Manager Rick Preston said who will pay the cost of the repairs is still unclear.

“We will probably have to go into some type of a contract, long-term contract, with the Bureau of Reclamation because we do not have $30 million laying around,” Preston said.



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