State Unveils New Talent Website

Governor Pete Ricketts speaks at the economic development summit where the website was announced.
July 17, 2019 - 5:06pm

The Departments of Labor and Economic Development are partnering on a new talent website unveiled today at an economic development summit in Lincoln.

The new website includes information about  industries in Nebraska, and links to job opportunities in different parts of the state.

Governor Pete Ricketts says the new site will help address business’ recruiting needs.

“We are challenged about getting people to hire. It’s one of the common themes when you talk to businesses all across the state. In fact, the department of labor did a survey and it showed that 73% of businesses say this is one of their biggest issues, is finding the right people to hire,” Ricketts said.

The site also features stories of people who moved to Nebraska, along with information about culture and cost of living.

Ricketts says local communities can use the website to supplement their own efforts to draw in talent.

“No business locates in a generic place called Nebraska and neither do people. Right?" Ricketts said. "Nobody is looking to move to Nebraska as a generic place. They’re gonna move to a specific community. They’re only gonna live in one place.”

The state will analyze analytics from the site to learn about where traffic comes from, and how best to spend marketing dollars in the future.



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