Aubrey Trail Tells Jury His Previous Story Of Sydney Loofe's Death Was "Total Fabrication"

Aubrey Trail testifies Tuesday in Saline County. Trail is charged with first degree murder in the death of Sydney Loofe. (Media Pool Phto)
July 9, 2019 - 4:18pm

In court Tuesday Aubrey Trail testified almost everything he's previously told police about Sydney Loofe's death has been a lie. Trail is charged with first degree murder in Loofe's 2017 death. 

Prosecutors presented the last of their evidence and rested their case in the fourth week of testimony. They claim the evidence shows Trail and co-defendant Bailey Boswell lured Loofe to their Wilber apartment with plans to kill and dismember her. 

Trail previously told police two unnamed women hired him to film a violent sexual fantasy with Loofe, and that he accidentally killed her during that event. 

At the start of the trial that’s the narrative defense attorneys presented. But testifying to the jury yesterday, Trail said it was all a lie.

"There was no sexual fantasy per se, there was no other women there, there was none of that," Trail told the jury. "That was total fabrication on my part." 

Aubrey Trail seated at the defense table during his murder trial. (Media pool photo)

Letters that Aubrey Trail attempted to sneak to Bailey Boswell at the Saline County Jail, including one written in code.



Trail now says he and Boswell were both in the room when he accidentally killed Loofe while consensually strangling her with an extension cord.

Trail took the stand against the advice of his attorneys. He claims to have known Loofe for several months before the night she died.

"I killed her. I mean, I didn't mean to but I did," Trail said. "And I'm willing to deal with whatever the consequences are, whether it's — I don't really care what it is."

This is the first time Trail has been in court since he yelled "Bailey is innocent and I curse you all" while slashing at his neck two weeks ago. 

The jury could begin deliberation as soon as Wednesday afternoon. Trail faces the death penalty if convicted. Boswell is awaiting trial. 

Earlier in the day, the jury heard evidence from FBI Agent Mike Maseth about letters Trail tried to sneak to Boswell when they were both at the Saline County Jail. 

Maseth said the letters showed Trail wanted to be portrayed as the villain while Boswell told investigators she was forced to participate.

Reporting from Tommy Rezac of News Channel Nebraska. The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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