Omaha Uses "the Barnacle" for Unpaid Parking Tickets

July 8, 2019 - 4:34pm

The city of Omaha is using a new device to immobilize vehicles with too many unpaid parking tickets.

On Monday, Omaha began using “the Barnacle” to immobilize vehicles with three or more unpaid parking tickets. The Barnacle is a foldable panel that puts 1,000 lbs. of force on the windshield, impeding the driver’s view.

Violators can call the Omaha parking office or pay their tickets online to receive a deactivation code for the device. Ken Smith, parking and mobility manager for Omaha, said this is the better approach to solve unpaid tickets.

“We’re only using it as a last resort," Smith said. "We’d rather do everything but put this device on. So this is really for those that are outstanding and have not taken care of things.”

Previously, offenders may have been towed or gotten a parking boot placed on their vehicle. Smith said the barnacle is far quicker option than parking boots. After removal, The Barnacle must be returned to a drop-off location within 24 hours or violators will be towed.




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