Economic Conditions Improve in Nebraska and Midwest

Purchasing Economy Survey Report (Creighton University)
July 1, 2019 - 2:37pm

One economic index shows improvement from May to June in the Midwest and Nebraska.

The Mid-America Index, which covers nine states in the Midwest, grew to 55.4 from 54.3 on a 100-point scale, showing positive growth. Nebraska’s figure for June made the jump from  48.9 to almost 55.9, also showing positive growth.

Ernie Goss, index creator and Creighton University economics professor, said the economy is starting to recover from flooding, but not all signs are great. The index results show 40 percent of supply managers are facing a shortage of qualified workers.

“Wage gains are higher here, but again that’s back to the supply of workers," Goss said. "We’ve got a limited supply of workers and Nebraska’s unemployment rate is almost half a percent below the U.S. number, which is very low, the lowest in 50 years. So that’s a real key going forward for Nebraska and for that matter the region.”

The index results also show over 71.1 percent of supply managers support current and more tariffs on Chinese imports. Goss said the pressure for a deal will mount on the Trump administration as the trade negotiations continue.




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