Motorcyclists Look To Raise Awareness For Children's Mental Health

May 9, 2019 - 4:13pm

A group of motorcyclists will be traveling across the state in order to raise awareness for children’s mental health starting May 16.

The Eagle Riders will begin the 12th annual Pony Express Ride in Scottsbluff, following the historic path of the 19th  century mail service, eventually reaching Lincoln on May 18. The group will stop along the way, collecting letters about mental health from children, families and supporters. Riders will deliver the letters to government officials in hopes of improving the services for children with mental health issues.

Holly Stevens, coordinator of the Pony Express Ride and member of the Eagle Riders, said the group hopes to make a big impact on children’s mental health services.

“The sooner that we can get services in place for whatever the circumstance may be for them, of course, the better the life for them, as well as going forward," Stevens said. "And just creating a better environment for them and their families.”

Stevens said all are encouraged to join, including those not driving motorcycles. Letters of support are also welcome. You can follow the group’s journey on Facebook.




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