Mayor-Elect Gaylor Baird Looks to the Future

May 8, 2019 - 3:09pm

Lincoln’s newly-elected mayor is already making plans for the future. Leirion Gaylor Baird won the Lincoln mayoral race on Tuesday, defeating Cyndi Lamm by 54%-45% margin.

The mayor-elect will be sworn in on May 20, along with newly-elected city council members. She has also announced Lancaster county commissioner Jennifer Brinkman will be her chief of staff.

Gaylor Baird said she would like to grow Lincoln and will look to revitalize community shopping centers. She also said two of her top priorities will be public safety and infrastructure.

"Voters approved an investment of $78 million dollars, estimated over six years, to repair streets," Gaylor Baird said. "And we’ll be putting together the plan in partnership with the public, the council and community input to make sure that we are tackling that project and getting as much done as quickly as we can for our citizens.”

Gaylor Baird is originally from Oregon, studied at both Yale and Oxford before moving to Lincoln in 2002. She has served on both the city-county planning commission and the city council since 2007.



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