Report Shows 200-thousand Nebraskans Are Food Insecure

May 7, 2019 - 11:02am

11.6% of Nebraska’s population is food insecure, according to the Map the Meal Gap report from Feeding America. Over 200,000 Nebraskans struggle with food insecurity.

Food insecurity is defined as being without reliable access to affordable and nutritious food. The numbers in Nebraska vary widely, as 5.1% of Colfax County citizens are insecure, but 18.9% of Thurston County citizens are insecure.

Scott Young, executive director of the Food Bank of Lincoln, said the numbers have remained steady over the last five years and the food bank is spending lots of time and money trying to get people out of their lines permanently.

“There are a lot of people struggling and there is a lot of downward pressure on those folks," Young said. "So, there are a lot of shoulders that need to be at the wheel of food insecurity in America: corporate, charities, churches, government entities. We all need to pull together on this and not think of anybody who comes up in these statistics as disposable. They all need our help and we need to help as best we can.”

In the Food Bank of Lincoln’s 16-county-service area, 17.6% of children are insecure, which is noticeably higher than the number of adults. Young said this is not uncommon. He also said senior citizens with fixed incomes, single-family households and low-income families are people who tend to be food insecure.





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