Midwest Economic Growth Remains Positive But Slowed By Labor Shortages

May 1, 2019 - 2:29pm

While labor shortages in the Midwest have slowed economic growth, a leading business index from Creighton University shows a continued positive growth rate for Nebraska and the Midwest.

Creighton’s monthly Mid-America Business Conditions Index is a leading economic indicator for the nine states throughout the Midwest. Along with an overall index, the model includes indices for employment, business confidence, trade and other key factors. Trade and confidence increased modestly from March while employment fell due to labor shortages.

Ernie Goss, who is a professor of economics at Creighton and lead economist for the index, said in an interview with Creighton that flooding, trade and global economic pressures have all had an influence on slow jobs growth for the nine Mid-America states.

“Could have been better on the jobs front but it was still above growth neutral," Goss said. "Still adding jobs but not at the pace the U.S. is adding jobs.”

Overall, the April index marks the 29th straight month of being over the growth neutral point for Mid-America.



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