New Nebraska Social Studies Standards Open For Review

April 5, 2019 - 1:48pm

The Nebraska Department of Education outlined a new social studies standards review this week. 

It calls for teachers, administrators and education stakeholders to put a greater emphasis on the history of marginalized groups and financial literacy in the curriculum of Nebraska students.

The standards review is updated every seven years in the state to ensure students are being taught up-to-date knowledge and teachers are utilizing contemporary methods.

Cory Eppler, who is the academic officer for teaching, learning and assessment at the Department of Education, says the draft focused on detail and depth for educators in the state.

“I think one of the challenges we often see is that we try to go a mile wide and an inch deep," Eppler said. "What we’ve been doing in revising all standards is re-thinking that and trying to get students to apply those critical thinking skills more deeply.”

Harris Payne, who is the social studies specialist for the Department of Education, says a changing perspective on financial safety prompted the team to go more in-depth on financial literacy.

“There’s been a lot that’s happened since 2012 regarding financial literacy," Payne said. "I don’t know about you, but I’m much more worried about identity theft in 2019 than I was in 2012. I thought of the changes like that equip students to be financially literate.”

Eppler says the current draft will be open for public input throughout the summer, as the review will be voted on by the Board of Education in the fall. 



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