Two Men Arrested in Lincoln Suspected of Involvement in Human Trafficking Ring

February 18, 2019 - 1:12pm

Following up on an investigation conducted from a Crime Stoppers tip, Lincoln Police investigators have arrested two men suspected of being involved in a human trafficking ring.

Both men arrested by the Lincoln Police Department are being charged with pandering. One man, 40-year-old Hersel Bradley, was arrested on the scene on Feb. 7, while the second man, Kurt Mortensen, 58, was arrested a week later after an investigation. The investigation is currently ongoing in a search to find more victims of the human trafficking ring.

Angela Sands, who is the public information officer with the Lincoln Police Department, said the investigation has led to the identification of numerous women believed to be victims of human trafficking.

“We are continuing to search for and identify the victims associated with this group of traffickers," Sands said. "Our focus is to provide hope to those whose lives have been controlled by sex traffickers, work with community advocates to ensure they have a safe pathway forward and disrupt any criminal enterprise that profits from the abuse of vulnerable members of our society.”

Sands said the LPD hopes to have additional information on the investigation by the end of the week.



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