Nebraska Purple Heart Veterans To Be Honored With Flight to Washington D.C.

February 12, 2019 - 11:33am

Patriotic Productions, an Omaha based organization, is hosting a Purple Heart Honor Flight on May 24 to honor veterans of the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This flight is for Purple Heart recipients and the highest decorated combat veterans from Nebraska. The veterans will leave early in the morning for Washington D.C. and return later that day.

Patriotic Productions has arranged 12 flights for veterans to visit Washington D.C. since 2004. Bill Williams, co-founder of Patriotic Productions, said the flights began as a way to honor World War II veterans, but recent flights have branched out to honor veterans of the Vietnam Conflict and most recently an all-female veterans flight last September.

Williams said the trip to D.C. includes a dinner the night before and stops at the Iowa Jima, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam memorials, along with other historical sites.

The end to this year’s trip is a little bit different than previous trips. Previously, the veterans have been greeted at the airport upon their return. This year, there are plans to host a parade in the Old Market in Omaha to honor the veterans.

"We think this is an opportunity if they haven’t been to Washington D.C. to get the VIP treatment," Williams said. "And I think they’ll enjoy the homecoming as they walk through the crowd or drive through the Old Market as part of the parade.”

To apply for the Honor Flight or to learn more about an upcoming Solid Gold Saturday Night dinner and music show in March to raise funds for the trip, go to



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