Governor Ricketts Announces Lincoln South Beltway to Be Completed in Three Years

Governor Ricketts joined by other state leaders at the Capitol in announcing expedited plans for the Lincoln South Beltway project. (Photo by NET Television)
February 11, 2019 - 11:27am

Governor Ricketts and other state leaders announced Monday plans to accelerate the construction of the Lincoln South Beltway project, with the goal to complete the project in three years instead of the proposed eight years.

The four-lane beltway, which would connect highways U.S. 77 and Nebraska 2 in order to divert truck traffic, is scheduled to break ground in one year. The 11-mile project is one of the largest in the state, with a previously estimated cost of $300 million. A bill introduced in the Legislature would authorize the contractor to finance the work over the original eight-year time span.

Ricketts said the new plan is designed to save the state money while connecting Nebraskans to the beltway faster.

“This is, again, right in line with what we attempt to do with regard to becoming more effective, more efficient and more customer-focused," Ricketts said. "By finding an innovative way to do the contracting on the Lincoln South Beltway, we can deliver it in three years - making sure we inconvenience our customers less and deliver the product sooner. As I said, a beltway that doesn’t connect doesn’t help anybody.”

In completing the project quicker, Ricketts said the state will save $25 million with the expedited plan.



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