Students Applying to Creighton University Will Have Option to Submit ACT/SAT Scores

February 8, 2019 - 12:13pm

Creighton University has announced they will no longer require freshman applicants to provide their ACT or SAT scores when applying to the school.

The adoption of a test-optional admissions process will take effect in 2020. Students will still be required to take the ACT or SAT, but they can choose whether to submit their scores either during the admissions process or after they’ve already been admitted. The Jesuit university says the goal of this change is to allow potential students a chance to fully reflect their academic abilities in ways other than a standardized test.

Mary Chase, who is the vice provost for enrollment management at Creighton, said research conducted by the school showed a significant test bias, prompting the school to create this option.

“As a diversity and inclusion initiative of our strategic plan, we decided it was important for us to have a more diverse and inclusive opportunity for students to apply and present themselves with or without the test score and at their discretion,” Chase said.

Chase said DePaul University, a Midwest Catholic school, adopted a similar test-optional admissions process and has served as a good example.



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